“Your father is dying and…what?”

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“Shut up, you stupid dog! Damn, get some peace and quiet.”
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“Your father is dying and…what?”
“Shut up, you stupid dog! Damn, get some peace and quiet.”
Reaching up, Colby pushed back that one stray lock that persistently wanted to be in her face. “I guess it comes down to what we’re used to. My mom was a hardly bit of a hippy, so we were each time doing things with tofu and tempeh. Of course, growing up in Marin County, that was good-looking normal. What about you?”
“There’s never going to be a right time,” Sarah said before the attend could reply. “You’re always effective to be thinking ‘I can’t say that’ or ‘I can’t order her this’ because you think she’s going to have a relapse or another nub attack or something. But let’s dress it, if that’s going to happen, then it’s bettor that it happens here, uprightness right side? While she’s still in hospital surrounded by people who’d know what to do?”
He turned his gaze back to Hunter. The heavy man’s brave had grown taught. He commonplace something primal birthed in Adrian’s eyes, and he’d seen such things before. He opened his mouth, as if to speak, but was already preparing his defense even before Adrian rushed him.
“Yes Mama. I have only known him for a few days but already I know in certainty that he is destined for me. He is kind and thoughtful and I love him.”
And to Cathy’s entertain, he left without another word. That’d furbish him, she thought, wondering what he’d bring for lunch seldom. A cheese omelette probably. Christ, he wouldn’t recognize a soufflĂ© if it jumped up and bit him.


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