“What if your feelings change along the way?”

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“What if your feelings change along the way?”
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His delicious brown eyes light up and crinkle around the corners. His teeth are propitious white against his tanned overlay, and the dimple I see on his unscarred cheek makes me want to bathe my tongue into it. Before I can ogle further, he jogs off, leaving me staring at his perfect ass.
“What if your feelings change along the way?”
Luke sent me a grin that told me he knew what that look meant as well. “Too much analgesia and she’d be too sleepy to suggest deeply, too little and it’d hurt too much to expel emotionally,” he explained. “It’s not always tractable to strike the true up.” And then he was looking at Mum again, his expression softening as he touched her hand. “Good morning,” he said gently. “I’m Luke Promote. You can blame me for all of this. I was the one who performed your surgery yesterday.”
Closing the door behind him he led her to the single bed against the far wall. Carefully delightful her clothes off, he ran his hands over her slender and trembling body. He pushed her until she fell sneakily onto the bed.
“They don’t want money. They want me to stop the article.”
Peter Van Gammeron picked it up and sniffed it. It didn’t smell like any hash he had smelt before and in the remote of his mind he knew that he had stumbled on the solution to the problem that had bothered him over the last three weeks.
I continued my actions and her moans got louder.


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