“What about Russell and Jenny here?”

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“Don’t be a prick Mike”
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“What about Russell and Jenny here?”
It seemed to have turned into a competition as to who could make the other fingers on first, and she gave herself over to showering his cock and balls with acclaim. She felt him harden even more and she knew he was just now seconds away from blowing his seed inside of her mouth. She licked her way down his shaft, sucking every part of it, and licking every part of his skin as she continued to touch the ridge beneath his cock head.
She nodded her head. He was shaved, showered and dressed well but casually. She had ironed the mere shirt he was right now wearing, a nice light blue ‘Sanforized’ Arrow shirt. The pre-shrunk process made it so much easier for her to iron his Arrow shirts.
He gets up, then pauses and turns back to me.
He started the car and they headed back through the lubricator-soaked streets and then the coast road toward his home in the countryside farther south. She hadn’t asked how much it paid and he didn’t orderly enquire of her honour. It was nearby as impersonal as it could get, verging on like it would be to really whore herself out.
“Sí, sir, gracias mucho por lo que usted ha hecho para nosotros…”
“Don’t be a prick Mike”


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