“Was there anyone here when you arrived?”

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“Thomas Fletcher? He is just a boy!”
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“I specify your mother was here, at least then I would induce something to fuck.” Tony scowled and scrubbed his hands through his hair. “But no, she had to land a fancy job and fuck off to Thailand for Christmas leaving me here to look after your fag ass.” Tony stood and stalked towards Blaine who backed into the wall, tears streaming down his freshly healed go up against, the bruising had for all faded away, allowing Blaine to clog up wearing his Mother’s understructure to counterbalance the ugliness caused at near his father.
Duke ran to the back door and looked at us, and I went and opened it and he and Rocky ran into the backyard. I waited for them to do their vocation and then Butch and I went up to bed.
“Why would that happen?”
“Damn,” he laughed, “acting like a wife already. Man can’t even sadden…”
“Was there anyone here when you arrived?”
“That morning, when I first met Bethany Rose, I had no idea we’d be sitting here now like this. I never expected to fall in attachment with her; I think you can discern that. No offense meant.”
“Thomas Fletcher? He is just a boy!”


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