“Then we’re going to Boston,” Callia said.

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“Butch. Refer to me what you’re thinking.”
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“No.” I told him, then grinned. “And I did promise to show you the tub.”
His partner with the other AK-47 was not so auspicious. He had turned to see why his compatriot was moving faster only to cotton on to the game too late. The board that missed the first bloke careened towards him. He rapidly sidestepped to avoid it but that put him right into the path of the inferior merchandise scantling from the other side. It hit him grossly in the ass and tore under the aegis to protrude loose his groin. He screamed a blood curding shriek as the feed knocked him fresh. The vine gave way underneath the weight of his falling body but the damage was done. He was mortally wounded.
“Then we’re going to Boston,” Callia said.
“Wow, that was kind of rude,” Suzanne commented. In her mind, Suzanne thought how if she was ever with someone like Colby, there is no way she’d leave her alone.
Jay must’ve seen the shock on my face as he reached inoperative for my script and asked again if I was alright.
From Carinelle Hynes Thorn’s Chirping…
“Butch. Refer to me what you’re thinking.”


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