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Bethany on the other close wanted nothing more than to look Jamie in the face. She couldn’t have the courage of one’s convictions pretend that the girl of her dreams had just admitted to having fantasized relative to her for years. It was almost unreal, at that point in time she wanted nothing more than to take Jamie in her arms and make love to her right there but she knew she couldn’t. It would be indecorous for so many reasons. Instead she stood up from where she had sat down on the couch — when had she done that? — and walked so as to approach her.

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"Why, John, why would that concern you?"
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“Bethany Rose.” It sounded like a prayer, the way he said it, a mix of joy and… love? Was she reading too much into it, putting her own desires ahead of bourgeois wisdom?

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"What do you via 'lost contact with them'?"
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“Do you know why it happened? Why you forgot?”

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"Because I don't like you buying everything in compensation me, I can buy things on my own for future reference."
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