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“Depressing recompense what?” Cooper asked, setting his fork down and taking a sip of his soda.

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"Depressing recompense what?" Cooper asked, setting his fork down and taking a sip of his soda.
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He looked down at his growing erection and knew he couldn’t lie doggo it. Still, he wasn’t stupid enough to refuse her. He opened the door and stepped in quickly, shutting it behind him before he lost his apprehension. She just smiled at him. His hard-on was massive now as he looked at her grand body and long dark hair cascading down her back.

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In her mind, Suzanne started to conjure up a lover doing this to her. At first, it was someone vacantly anonymous. Her fantasy lovers were never Chloe. For a little while after she left Chloe, Suzanne had tried doing that. Even when she got herself off, she was left with a guilt stricken self-detestation feeling. It didn't get better and it didn't take long anterior to she blocked out thoughts of Chloe when she masturbated. Most of the time, her lovers were people she did not identify; actresses or people she saw on the street and felt an attraction.
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