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Carinelle shook her head quickly, “Don’t be sappy, Avvie,” she replied, sitting up straight on her bed. “What do you want?” she looked at her. Aveline then, jumped out from the bed and grabbed her hand, pulling her to stand up with her. “Hey!” she said, almost losing her balance.

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"Get under the desk, kid," he said pointing to the darkened arrondissement underneath the large wood desk. "I deficiency to read some erotic stories I found on this website and you're gonna have blowing me while I do it."
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“Whatever you’d like, James… fried chicken, half an hour?”

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"Dialect mayhap hour, hour and a half... depends on how long it takes." Highway Joke, Pacific Coast Highway as everyone was want to call it, was the best way to hear to the harbor but even then, it was going to be a extensive go through all the run aground cities.
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“No, come over as in a little while as you can. There is no way that either of us will be proficient to get to sleep until this is all over.”

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"Are you gonna be my warm-up?" he growled over his shoulder.
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Even through the fraction-pulling despair, he refused to stop and brought her off again, twice more. The shimmy of her hips told him that he had accomplished his object for the evening and was happily surprised since only a short while had passed since their ‘thanksgiving dinner’ sex.

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"Makeovers Inc, this is Charity."
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