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I include cast-off this information as the basis for the actions bewitched by the CIA in this book. Whether or not it happened this way is immaterial, after all, this is a work of fiction.

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In February 1978 a Regional Meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) was being held in Sydney, Australia.
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“Do I know my stuff or what?” Jerry Smythe asked. The whole ok will be vaporised and there will be nothing left.

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When I sat down with the board just before Christmas, I offered the concern that we had outsold our capabilities, and we needed to talk that immediately. I think the other members were a bit surprised by my statement, but Mrs. Wong and Winston both agreed that our orders were rapidly outstripping our production capabilities. We were growing too fast, and that was putting a melody on both our manufacturing and monetary case. We were buying our raw materials in aid of orders. We had orders recompense over eight million units in the first point, but only the production capability of a unimaginative over five million. Either we needed more capacity, or we needed to slow down our sales. Someone was going to be disappointed. It was Vannie who solved the problem.
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