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She huddled against him, cold. The movement of the embark made the brisk gloomy humbug chill her… or was it what he might say? She shivered.

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Colette bathed quickly, scrubbing her hair and taking guardianship to gently cleanly herself. She was a little angered from her virginity barrier being broken, but it was nothing like she had heard from the women of high society. She didn't even give attention to it at the things, she was too caught up in the sensations. Maybe the other women were doing it wrong, Colette mused as she stepped out of the tub and wrapped one towel around her body and another around her hair. As she walked back into the bedroom, she heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Mary there to help her treat, she called her in and walked towards the concealment screen.
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The two bystanders watched as Colby pulled her into an embrace. If not for the circumstances, it would have looked comical; the gigantic sobbing woman held tenderly by a woman a foot shorter. To the present time they both only felt relieved that Suzanne had someone with her who cared.

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"We'll leave it with you until we need it again, but don't get too many ideas with permanent ownership. You had better lead us your address."
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