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“Did you see anyone else around at all?”

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"Warm-heartedly...last week, when we had sex. Were you a virgin?" He asked, embarrassed.
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“Ah yes, but who would shady that we are who we are?” The vehicle came from the third of the triple who, having given his pursuers the slip in the toilets, had doubled back to the Security Office. “If we had tried to be inconspicuous as you had suggested we would have attracted the regard of anyone watching for us. There is nothing as conspicuous as someone trying hard to be unobtrusive, as it is, alongside drawing a different type of attention on ourselves we have created the situation that we will prolong throughout this operation.”

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"No!" Raeden's expression reverberated through the bathroom, causing things in the cupboard to rattle. "No! You will not!"
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“I can’t voice that I’m all that pleased to meet you but I am glad you came along when you did.”

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"Let me up, you scaramouch, and I will fight you." Jonathan Digby sneered as best as he could handle from his seat against the wall.
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