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Naomi looked at me closely. Her eyes leaked tears of happiness. She came to me, hugged me close to her portion and kissed me hungrily. Her harmless puffy lips sent me into a kissing nirvana. Nothing in my experience treated me for the sensations of her impressive lips.

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I in a trice became very turned on, and I chugged the rest of my beer and tossed the empty bottle to the grass.
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“No.” His hand landed on my failing, his fingers warm out through the fabric of my trousers. “He was the empty-headed bromide. He had you, and he threw it all away. Threw you away. What an asshole.”

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The story so far: Three British agents, in response to intelligence reports, are sent to Sydney to keep a watching brief over the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting's regional conference. They have teamed up with local Journalist Russell French and his new girlfriend, Model Jenny Peters, to try to pinpoint the unfavourable guys. As Russell and Jenny's relationship grows, a fishing expedition places the agents' plans in jeopardy.
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