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“It’s a good piece of article,” he cajoled. “It has great characters and a okay representation.”

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"It's a good piece of article," he cajoled. "It has great characters and a okay representation."
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“And the high and mighty Lady Stanhope?” The woman’s disregard was harsh and sardonic. “How brave of the raven to chide the blackness.”

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"Doug is," Callia answered. Cooper slid his hand into hers and squeezed it gently.
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Russell jumped over the door as she accelerated distant into the traffic.

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He headed in behalf of the Keep Bridge by headway of the Cahill Expressway and by the time that he reached the tollgates he was au fait of a silver Porsche 911 keeping a watching distance behind him. This, he thought to himself, is more like it, repayment for a chase car the Porsche was ditty of the quickest road legal cars around. For a tail car the choice was not so good, for that purpose the car and its occupants needed to be able to combination into the surroundings and not draw attention to themselves. The Silver Porsche with its occupants sporting dark suits and reflective wrap throughout perving (sun) glasses was awfully conspicuous not to say.
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They cuddled together underneath the duvet. Alice stroked his casket, and then she ran a fiddle with round his nipples. It made him rattle. He felt her cheeks with his free hand, and then he said, “I’d love to kiss you all over. May I?”

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Duke ran up to Butch and let out a quiet whine. Butch looked down at him and asked, "You gotta go outside, Duke?"
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“Are you steadfast?” he asked hesitantly.

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"Ohh, this is nice!" Clara said.
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