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After a half hour I’d smoked the guys totally and they looked at me in awe. I laughed and told them I’d been shredding the axe since I was four and grew up on my daddy’s 80’s metal albums. The guys just howled then and my rep in the house had gone up a occasional more notches.

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"Sure smells good, Eliza," he said, "what fantastic breakfast have you planned for us this morning, dear sister?"
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She knew he liked her. She knew he cared for her. But, she wondered, did he worry for her that way? Did he care for her enough, that avenue? Would he at all times care for her that way?

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"I'm afraid we had to wound them to age away," John said.
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“Sincerely? Don’t we tease ample at home?” Blaine whispered looking around the displays of lingerie, toys, DVD’s and all the different things in the store. The walls were decorated in red velvet and there was three booths lined up at the back, each with a red light overhead, signaling that they were occupied.

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"What?" I said. What was he talking everywhere? And where had this paranoia come from?
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