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They were eating dinner when Suzanne looked up from her food. “I was thinking concerning calling my dad. We haven’t talked since more willingly than the trip,” she said.

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"Alexander, I'm trying to slumber."
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“How did you know about that piece of fortune?” She sat in an overstuffed chair across from him and leaned in. She was curious, as were several other crook members.

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As they talked, a pretty woman came up to them. Her brown hair was short in back while longer in front where the bangs swept to one side. It was an interesting commingling of masculine and feminine and Suzanne liked the look. She had on a short leather skirt with pumps, and a clouded Nirvana t-shirt. She wasn't tall but she was still a luck taller than Colby. If Suzanne had to guess, she would have spread her age at about the same as Colby but she could tease been younger. It came as a complete surprise to Suzanne when the woman spoke to her. She had been sure that she was there for Colby.
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Revelations of Love and P.M.S.

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"Ms. Stevens, I have my reasons. The more time you're with my get, the more period you'll have to convince him that our integration is splendid. Besides, my generate is staying in my house outside city limits. Even I would be working from home."
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“There’s one guy, that’s all he orders.”

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"Not as far as I know."
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