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“Bethany Rose… what is it?”

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"I will bear to go to my place in the country to get the news. I have the papers safely in a place that not even my closest friend could deal and certainly the last place that anyone would look for them."
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“We have, but not until after she found out about the baby,” Cooper told him. Lucas growled low in his throat.

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Suddenly he went to.
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Jasmine even though bewitched aback by the stranger wanting to hug her nevertheless leaned forward and accepted the warm hug.

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"Yeah, we necessary to cover our tracks as much as possible and be prepared to leave if we have too."
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After a little more guffawing and whispering, Donna came back into the room, still red as a lobster!

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Nicole didn't from any of Colby's mixed feelings. She laughed. "Jeez, get a room!" she told them and then laughed again as they looked on the other side of at Nicole and Colby.
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