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“I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and realised what a con man I’d been calling him chubby.”

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He cool in the chair for a few more minutes before he started to be told yelling coming from the back room. With a groan he got up to go see what Cass wanted. As he opened the door she was wherewithal a waiting for him.
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“I have enough trouble in understanding your intonation as it is without you lapsing into that horrible idiom. I want results so that I won’t have to play a joke on anything to do with you ever again. How you go about it is no concern of mine.”

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Eliza left the kitchen and walked into the pantry, pretending to look for the treatment of something. She didn't know whether to laugh... her perfect smidgin sister the white man's slut... or snivel... her perfect little sister the white man's slut.
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