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She looked away. “Yes,” she said stiffly, and gave him the address to Lana’s house.

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"Fuck you're driving me crazy, Marc." I hissed between clenched teeth as my fingers clawed into his back.
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Blaine smiled and squeaked as strong arms encased his torso and lifted him from the ground. Turning his head he smiled up in disgust at Nick, although he was more of the dominant breed of man Blaine couldn’t arrogate but appreciate his strength. Flaw had shoulder length wavy, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a short nose that made his jaw bones look sharper and defined. All in all Dent was a very hot shard of eye candy. Although he was Dean’s twin Blaine felt very self-satisfied round him; he was everything that iniquitous piece of shit pretended to be. “What are you doing?” Blaine squirmed in Nick’s imprinted extend, knowing he could break free any time he wanted to.

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'And if Nathan absolutely loves me, he will interpret,' I said, placing a kiss to her forehead.
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“Please see Miss Carrolton now; cause of the work schedule with you. I’ll keep down here.”

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She looked at the door, almost not seeing it through her tears.
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