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“Fuck me, darling,” Edward said.

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Next thing Jill knew, Rory was wrapping her arms and legs around him as he pinned her to the wall with his muscled body and slid into her always so slowly. Jill groaned as reality and awareness returned, every delicious inch of him filling her completely. Another, unexpected orgasm ripped by virtue of her, Jill crying out in surprise as the tremors overtook her once more. Rory kissed her roughly, holding her in flourish as she came down from her acme again.
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“And… in, to finish…” She began to shift her body up and down, finding a rhythmical pattern… an ancient throb and she could abide him swell even larger and then he grabbed her by her waist and she could feel him drench her over and over until they both were done as she trembled again, twice, more, more, and more. It seemed to continue forever.

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Two hundred feet west of the house, Spencer Reynolds was slowly moving on his hands and knees looking respecting weeds. The tomato plants were on occasion four feet large and most had ripening fruit. This was his third week working at the Ewarts' home doing instructions labor and for once, he was grateful to the colored woman... it was either this, he realized, or hard labor. How the hell, he thought, was he supposed to know she was the wife of a Navy commander? Even so, she had been incredibly polite to him, bringing him food and cool lemonade to tot. He slowly realized that he was such a damned fool that morning.
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“The biblical injunction, of course,” he blurted out. “Against marrying your brother’s widow. God punishing David for marrying Bathsheba and the like.”

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"Yes, but... I'm colored."
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What last will and testament he want from her? Oh, sweet Jesus! Did he think she would be easy just because that goddamn Henry ran away and he’s opened his residency to all of them? Better to let Bethany siesta with him and he could leave her alone. Three children were reasonably.

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"That wasn't the deal," she tried to reason with herself as he nudged against her again.
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