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The two men seated, nursing what was to be the first of several brimming pints of best amber, in a darker back corner of the front bar of a caravanserai known as the favourite watering hole of the media club, and seemingly almost the same as on beating their colleagues in the race to the grave, were deeply engrossed in earnest conversation.

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"Her aunt has had an accident, and Mr. Connelly sent me to pick up Cassandra," William explained.
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“Matthew,” William growled.

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"Matthew," William growled.
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Instead of stopping at Jenny’s block he kept going right down to the unceasingly of the point before turning in to the undercover parking garage of a block of flats. Jenny parked the MG beside the Triumph aware of the Jaguars, Mercedes and BMW’s that proliferated the garage.

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"But you said you weren't a bastard," I said, without warning finding I wanted to make light of his words, struggling to cope with the images that were already flashing into my head. Luke, in bed, with mademoiselle after girl, making love to them the disposition he'd made love to me... "You said you were a tosser, not a bastard. You said that you knew who your parents--"
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