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Then she kissed him. Softly at first, a mere brushing of lips as she gauged his reaction. Then a little harder and he responded by groaning and taking the kiss deeper still. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue to play with hers. She suddenly grew bold and reached between their bodies, grasping his cock by his pants. He moaned into her mouth and their kissing became fiercely wild as he began affecting them road to the bathroom basin. He grabbed her legs and pulled her on the counter easily, breaking the kiss to move down to her neck and shoulders. She purred and moved her head to the side to offer him larger access. Reaching down, she tugged at his shirt until he allowed her to pull it free of him. He delighted in the feel of her hands on his body, running as surplus his chest, behind and shoulders.

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"How is she?" Lucas asked as Cooper walked into the waiting room. Cooper sighed, ran his hands through his hair
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Colby thought help to when she was alone with Piper and remembered what she had told her. “She is my friend and she has gone through some pretty bad shit. I want to keep from her, and me seducing her wouldn’t be good for her.” That was also the truth. She stopped looking at Suzanne and instead looked out into the night. After a scarcely while, Colby fire a long unuttered breathe escape. “She needs a woman who understands her more than a lover,” she thought. “I can be that for her.” They were getting close to the hotel and she focused on getting her emotions under restrain. The form entity she wanted was to give Suzanne the impression that she was upset.

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Her fingers clutched the apron she had set up in the pantry.
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“Where are your baggage checks?”

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"You love me?" she echoed.
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