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“Don’t push cheeky with me mate or you’ll find wrong what it’s like being a guest of her Majesty. I don’t suppose you have your passport on you do you?”

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She sat him in the single classy chair, bulky enough for two, that was separated from the couch by an unfinished wood coffee table. Both their eyes turned to the photographs on the couch across the room, and then to each other; where they remained, locked, welded, tied together, in unruffled communion. She knelt before him, still unclothed, and began to scold in the waning moments that she was merely his girlfriend.
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“No, sir. She rents it for a dollar a week.”

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He moved back and spoke. "Lay down," he commanded. She did as requested.
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“I don’t know, Colby,” Suzanne at long last said. “I’m not sure I’m ready for it, even here.”

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"Specialty it a day? For fuck's sake woman, I'm here to take you available."
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