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“I couldn’t ask for that – I don’t want to pay attention to you from any plans you may have.”

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She stared at the closed door and cried. She turned over on her bed and buried her head into her pillow, sobbing.
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Oscar’s second-to-last type each day was Physical Education. Although PE was not required of junior- and older-flush students who participated in marching bind, Oscar enjoyed being physically challenged. Working out every day also gave him a way to let completely his anger and frustration with the world. Now, as opposed to of breaking laws or getting in fights, he pushed himself to run faster, lift more weights, and work harder. It normally worked. Nowadays, no greater than seriously upsetting situations could issue him to lose his cool.

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After supper, he read another of the books the commander had given him. From the beginning, having to con almost made him choose the brig but as the days passed, he started to become interested, peculiarly in the book that the commander had written about the Great War.
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“Palsy-walsy. I am sending you to Sydney.”

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"Palsy-walsy. I am sending you to Sydney."
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