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“Yes, sick.” ‘Sick in her heart and sick in her head,’ Eliza mental activity. “I don’t know when she’ll be lodged with someone.”

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"I hankering never to catch you say that about anyone, after all people can't help their looks."
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Once again, they looked into each other’s faces. “There was a time when there was nothing more I loved to do than kiss those lips,” Suzanne thought. Now, while a little of the age attachment was still there, they weren’t the lips she longed to canoodle. She couldn’t wait until Colby came one more time. Even with Colby’s college compatriot there, Suzanne planned to see out finally what kissing her was like.

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And then, suddenly, in the back of his mind, he heard the puzzle. It came to him in a new spokeswoman, one untainted by anger or defiance. It came to him in the instrument of a child.
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