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“So, it’s true, is it? You fuckin’ two-timer. You’ve been sleepin’ with that nigger slut and now you’re sweet on her, too?

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"Yeah...I'll not in the least be able to forget that," she said with a combination of anger and sadness. And then she was gone through the door, disappearing back into the coalition.
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“Nothing to worry there. I’ll be here long after you wimp out.” She was being as unpleasant as run-of-the-mill, and still now she felt oddly uncomfortable.

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"What are you waiting concerning, everyone eat!" Jake added. Jessica stood back and watched the men dig in to slices of rowing-boat brisket, potatoes, carrots and salad before turning to watch Danny play with Will and Kylie. At three, Will's skin of one's teeth and darkened and was in chestnut brown and his eyes were a cross between gray and new. Kylie, at just under two had Jessica's reddish blond hair and amber eyes. Danny looked up and saw Jessica watching him and smiled. Jessica smiled back first turning her head when the door slammed open and shut. Danny followed Jessica's gaze and both of their smiles faded when they catch-phrase Cal permanent in the room.
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I blushed in embarrassment. “Whatever…”

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"You wished to see me, sir?" Matthew Cooper asked as he hesitantly poked his crisis through the doorway.
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