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“Turn left at the next intersection, there’s a ROBO wheels wash there. If the high pressure jets don’t blow it away it will most likely drown it. Just to be sure, when we come for all to see there is a rake it in operated vacuum cleaner outside the car wash, pull over to it and while I’m cleaning the inside you can have a quick check to see if it is still there.”

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Andro scoffed. "Ransack of time. There's not another stake in town where a scotch and coke is gonna payment you as much as it does at the Rage. But ordering ten of those will just about pay for the ass you split the night before. Dig?" Andro waved his disseminate across the empty bar. "The guys you see come in here night after night, they aren't alcoholics. They just happen to owe a lot of money for pussy. Gee," Andro turned around and locked eyes with the bartender. "I imagine that makes YOU part pimp, doesn't it, Stranger?" His seemingly split into a smile. "How's it feel to be a candid blackguard?"
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“What?” I pulled a physiognomy. “You know when. December, remember? Not last year, the year before. He made some fracture about not having to get me a Christmas present then–and he didn’t either, did he? Why?” I asked, feeling my frown deepen as Sarah and Luke exchanged glances.

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Charity smiled at her: "I'm a lover, sweet darlin', I might spank you now and then but I'm not going to beat you. Unless you ask for it."
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