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He placed his chin in the crook of my neck, tilting the ball up towards the net.

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He smiled, rising to his hands and knees and clambering below the covers. "Thanks babe," he said, yawning hugely before sliding down beside me and pulling the duvet raw over us both. "It's pretty comfy out there but this is so much better and I indeed do indigence to get some sleep. So do you." And stretching out an arm, he leaned across to the cabinet and switched off the bedside lamp. "We'll talk some more in the morning, okay? Get some loafing, now."
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Then Charity was on the bed, her knees splayed out like a light on either side of Clara but she’d turned about to face the foot of the bed and be masterly to bend and relinquish Clara’s pussy ringlets. She did that and got another sighing ‘ohhh’ from Clara.

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"I had an offer to join another company. It is a full-blown marketing position so it is a withdraw in the route I want to go. After thinking about it and looking at how things are here, I think it's best to depreciate it. So I'm giving you my two weeks' notice," Colby said. Her eyes were moist and shining, showing the emotions that she felt.
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“So the only reason you’re not here is because you’re not dressed up?” I asked.

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"So the only reason you're not here is because you're not dressed up?" I asked.
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“Orders from above Buddy. Minor setback solitary, business as usual next week, they’ve had their moment of glory and they can bask in it concerning the next year. Command you assemble the line for a second?” In the background a muttered discourse was taking place. “This gets worse. Someone and we value they’re connected with Interpol, has blown your factory to hell and gone. There is nothing left, not even the rats.”

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Later that afternoon, he worked carefully around the three memorials. He read the names the first time he was shown what to do; but she had made no comment. It made sense when he thought about it... the woman and her two girls were the commander's second family.
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