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“Before we begin I want to thank you in favour of the bra you made me; it’s wonderful.” He answered back with a wistful, loving smile, as she ran her fingers along his side.

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"Excellent. I shall have my man bring the tickets to Lord William's tomorrow morning. Now if you ladies will excuse me, I obligated to see about defeating this damnable Bonaparte. Ah, Perkins, there you are. Brill understanding, that tea. Good man."
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All eyes turned to Mike who raised his hands placatingly, “Intermittently hold on a second, Roni. Vic, he wasn’t gossiping – to be honest, the poor guy was worried that maybe he’d fucked up or something and at the same time I told him about Luke…”

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Tori's sobbing stopped suddenly and she looked up at Greg,
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The music swelled again, and Charity said to Clara, again mouth to entrance:

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"For the simple reason that I have been instructed to absent oneself your official status with the Consulate and inform you that if you are caught carrying thoroughly anything illegal in future, you will find that you no longer have any Discreet Immunity."
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