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“Do you have any at all?”

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"Yes. Sir Edward has been appointed to the frigate Undaunted. It is not much of a advancement, to be sure, but they would rather also named him commodore of the quick blockading Marseille in the Mediterranean. So I am to have his ship, which will be returning to Portsmouth in two days' time exchange for its own refitting. So instead of departing Wednesday next, I shall not be leaving for a speck while longer."
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God, it’s noxious ample supply that I’m Philip Junior, but I absolutely execrate it when people address me as ‘Philip Junior’ as if that’s my name.

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"I'm not here for the drinks Sabrina—this is my money." Sabrina rolled her eyes at him before spotting a waitress pushing through people to get to them. Quincy and Sabrina's eyes both lit up at the sight of the woman.
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