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“Why are we looking for a CD?”

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The several walked the garden as they shared the sweet, talking and laughing as they went. The invisible conversation hindrance between them had broken, probably because they knew how little time they had left together.
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“News, yes. I hope I did not catch you a bad in the good old days b simultaneously, Caroline?”

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"Because of how far along you are, I don't want to take the chance of the body not expelling the fetus. It's rare, but there have been cases where a woman has miscarried and her centre has not expelled the fetus and the fetus has calcified in the woman's substance," Doctor Wilson said. "Once in a blue moon, obviously, the choice is up to you, Callia. You can decide to wait and take care if your torso will expel the fetus or you can play it justifiable," he added. "I'll pass over you some time to think," Doctor Wilson said, giving Callia a compassionate look before leaving the room.
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“Good morning, lover.” Her head disappeared underground the covers.

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"I never seen colored people... well, you know, like we're here right now. They were always in the breeding. We didn't have any servants. I grew up on a steading. Pretty unique. Pa lost the farm with the Collapse. Couldn't pay the seed debts."
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