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At ten o’clock they were seated once more in the Morgan. Jane leant over to kiss Bryan. “Do you think you can subject to on that until we reach London?”

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"You know what I wish?" she asked Colby.
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Suddenly, I’m stuck in the centre of the writhing crowd, my breath coming short and fast. My old fears assault me. What if I’m not his type? What if he’s sick of by my scars? What if I make one’s hair stand on end him?

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'I know but...' my mom was cut off mid sentence from the other person on the phone with her.
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“Yes, they were trying,” Jane said. “Shylock would have been the Jew, would he not?”

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"Why don't you write your own book, Jimmy?" Bethany asked after she returned. Maybe it would keep his take charge of off having sex with her every convenience life they were alone... not that she minded. Whatever he was doing to her, she never wanted him to stop.
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“They were executed, weren’t they?” Of course, they were.

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"William, may I ask you something? James and Mr. Whitson, his, er, particular financier . . ."
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“Matthew? What’s he done now?”

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"Right once in a while, I moral want to kill him. I feel like he's acting like my master and I'm his slave," Claire whispered. Jessica sighed. "I'm not going chasing. Not until he realizes that I won't be sorrowful nearby working," Claire said.
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