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“I’ll add that to the laundry list.”

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"Damn instantly it would," Myron exclaimed.
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“Lawyer-client carte blanche… that requires a retainer, doesn’t it? How much for an hour of your time?”

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"You keep saying we, what gives with you two?"
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Alice nodded and kissed him. “I love being caught,” she whispered.Dave put his hand on her midriff and lifted himself on an elbow. He looked at Alice’s face and to his immense joy he adage her completely at advance. She looked up at him without any hint of tension in her any more, with no anxiety liberal – fitting light-heartedness. He intent over to smacker her again and she put an arm round his neck.

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I giggled at what I saw, "So you belong to a guild that has Majestic Doulton china? How froufrou is that?"
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