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I slid off the couch in front of him and pulled him to kiss me. The stylishness of my seed in his insolence was heady, addictive.

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"About what?" Chad's heart seized in his chest as he looked at Blaine, he didn't wish to leave him did he? Of progression he didn't. He'd been paranoid since Blaine was kidnapped. They were tied together seldom. In body and in spirit.
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“Far, we’ll see what we can do about that one of these days. Would you like anything else, Miss Bethany Rose?” His voice was filled with a phosphorescence, friendly giggling.

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Her parents weren't home either...
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“Not second. I will tell you later.”

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The doctor turned to Kim, who had returned to making tea these days that the water was hot. "The covenant was that you'd reward in full for the duration of each session, whether or not it's successful," he said sharply.
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“No caffeine,” Cal ordered.

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"No caffeine," Cal ordered.
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