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I screamed, scrambling out of bed as fast as I could. “Fuck!” I yelped again as it occurred to me exactly whose present it was, my heart thudding painfully in my chest. “Oh Immortal!”

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"My confessor is dying and his matrix wish is to see me settled with a woman. So I need to get married soon so that he can die happy."
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Suzanne lay there next to Piper with one hand on Piper’s belly. Her fingers just slowly made little circles. It felt nice to be like that. There was a ardour of contentment that she not at all felt with a hamper. When she was with a man, there was always some small part of her that knew it wasn’t set to rights. Its absence was noticeable. She had almost forgotten the feeling of normalcy she at best had with Chloe.

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"No. Fuck 'em I'll deal with it."
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‘Mmm pack in teasing me,’ Lizzy said, watching every one of my moves.

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Picking up her cat, Suzanne moved her to the floor. As she took the plate to the kitchen and cleaned up, Tuptim followed her and licked her chops. Although there was some more chicken left side, Suzanne did not share anymore. Once everything was stay away, Suzanne glanced at the clock. It was already 10:30. She felt every transcribe of the extended day. "Shall we enplane ready for bed, Tup?" Suzanne asked the cat. There was a noiselessness meow in reply and Suzanne smiled instead of the first time in a while. "Okay," she said.
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