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“Present itself to me now.” She called in a pleading, peevish voice. “You can wash here, hurry… Harry? … Hello? …” She smiled widely, teeth showing, as she hung up the phone and walked down the corridor, naked to be coffee and snacks.

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"Wait a second," John concluded.
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It was execrable plenty that Olivia phony herself to play stupid and have her family play to be broke so they could get Aidan and his brood where they wanted them, but she wasn’t working so damn hard to a moment ago suffer with it all go downhill from here because of this stupid serving intact bitch. She saw the way she looked at Aidan too. She wasn’t stupid. Equably, I’ll just crush any thoughts she had about him right now, she contemplation to herself.

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"I wasn't entirely truthful everywhere my grandfather's legacy." He looked at her as if to check if she was listening. Of course she was giving him all her acclaim and she nodded in encouragement. "He radical me the house and a lot of money, but on unnamed conditions."
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