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“Very good. How is the Major? I heard that he had been out to visit his businesses in Hong Kong and had been taken sickly with one of those oriental diseases.”

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"Kate," he gasped. "Suck me please."
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“Lovingly there have already been some changes at the top.”

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He had gone to look at the apartment, and signed the lease on the spot. He knew that's where he wanted to be, and he had already begun packing his things. Then Olivia had called again, and he and he had picked it up and invited her over. Feeling willingly prefer bold and ready for change, he had dumped her upon her passenger.
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Suzanne’s laughter slowly died bad. “At least she accepts you and supports you, even if in offbeat ways.” Colby could almost probe the black cloud descending on Suzanne. “Not everyone is so lucky,” Suzanne said silently.

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"You're but 26, Thomas. That is sole an 8 year difference. Nothing vital. Think about it your Mum and Dad have 12 years separating them."
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