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“Are you telling me you didn’t dig yourself?” Rory prompted after her rant.

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"Are you telling me you didn't dig yourself?" Rory prompted after her rant.
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“Ever the mercenary aren’t you?”

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Colby gave her a wry teeny look. "Umm, why don't I leave that to you and whether you beget time in the morning?" She and Piper laughed together when Suzanne blushed. "We need to be gone by 6:30, right?"
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Raising her eyes to look at Chloe, Suzanne couldn’t help expressing her stagger. “It is? I can’t imagine why.” Chloe winced from the pain in her utter.

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"Nothing." Blaine held his hands up in surrender and grinned. "I came to help with dinner."
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“You bet,” Donation chimed in.

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"She's not my whore," he said, truthfully, defensively.
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