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She opened the door and found a young, thinnish woman, probably mid 20’s, repute there. She had black stretch pants on, that looked like they were painted on her, as shocking red tee shirt topped it off, and stygian ankle boots. Her hair was spiky and a dark reddish black color.

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"Oh, good," Clara sighed, "Just, just tell me; tell me."
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“Then what do you propose?”

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Rory wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a long peck. Her hips ground into him, angling him even deeper into her blazing center, moving back and forth on his lap. Jill's fingernails grazed his shoulders and biceps as he held her close. It never felt like it was near enough with her.
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What seemed forever was only a second or two and she heard him call her again.

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Opening up the medication cabinet, Colby found the ibuprofen without any difficulty. She got out two and popped them in her sauciness. She dipped her hand under the faucet and caught a little flood in her palm. Swallowing pills was always easy for her and that was all the not function she needed. As she did it, something in the cabinet caught her look. It was the two bottles of painkiller. They looked odd sitting there together like that.
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‘Hey Johnny! I didn’t know you’d be coming,’ I said, walking up the steps.

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Anne was an older woman, in her 50s. She was a cashier at the grocery store. She was extremely sweet, with big fluffy blond hair. She reminded me of Rose from "The Exuberant Girls". I smiled to myself at the thought.
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Butch cupped my right side with his hands and gave me a intense, passionate kiss. He twirled his fingers in the extended and curling hair hanging down to the nape of my neck while he looked me in the ogle.

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"I'm sorry, Babycat," she said as she started to pet her cat again. "I was falling down on the job, wasn't I?" She watched as Tuptim closed her eyes again in pleasure. Suzanne's stomach rumbled a little. Although well-advised b wealthier at eating now, she still had days where she came home exhausted and the effort of making a meal seemed too much. "I know I should eat, but that would demand disturbing you. I can't do that, can I?" Tuptim continued purring as she put her head back down. "No, that would be bad," Suzanne said.
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“Well… all right, I make a few minutes loose.” The lawyer took a nautical davy jones’s locker from his flask. “What do you want?”

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"Callie, we have a thirteen hour intimate," Cooper said gently.
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