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Somehow, deep secret, Susan realized that Bethany Rose may have been a colored missus but she was still a woman, a woman who needed someone to help her.

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"Oh...yeah," he sighed. "Lets pass muster a harmonize."
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“Tony, check the room to see if there is another way gone away from of here.” Tony lumbered into the bedroom and to sum up scanned it.

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Mrs. Stanhope devastated not a importance in replying: "Non, monsieur. Je suis la veuve du Geoffrey Stanhope de lieutenant et la mère de son fils." She pulled Fletcher's piece from her waistband and coolly shot the Frenchman in the chest. The second Frenchman looked on, stunned, as his chum fell forward against the railing, and Mrs. Stanhope calmly seized the first man's pistol from his waistband and discharged it into the stomach of the second. The prime Frenchman died; the second has recovered, as has childish Fletcher, both of them in large part due to Mrs. Stanhope's care on the voyage home.
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