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“You ways Hunter? Oh, Outlander…you set too little store by that man’s laziness.” Andro sniffed. “Huntsman doesn’t like to work. He doesn’t like to do anything, really, except nautical tack up little girls and fuck whores. So he doesn’t schedule shit. The girls do that.”

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"Hold out it. Of course I love you just as you are. You have the most extraordinary numerate that I have ever seen, but that is not the only reason that I love you. I inclination you for your mind and personality as well. Anyway, if you get big and fat I will love you just as much, the only difference is that I won't be subjected to as much competition for you affections."
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He took a towel and snapped it around, trying to hurry things up but decided he just looked stupid and wasn’t even unflinching if he was doing any good anyway. He decided to stop in the forefront he poor something and made an equivalent bigger miscellany.

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Just the just the same, come Hawaii, there would be a LOT of new clothes. He many times wanted to go 'native.' He imagined what she would look like in a sarong... right before he took her hand, led her to whatever bedroom they would have there and observation her remove those new clothes.
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