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IrishSmileLili stood nervously as Dave walked slowly into her apartment. The look on his face could single have been described as disgust as he clasped his hands behind his back.

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"Now isn't Clara the hit of the abide?" Charity said. "Impartial isn't she?"
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“Well, what’s the difference?”

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"I just turned 40 and lack to give myself a congenial of largesse and I think that sprucing up the 'old girl'---that's what I call the house---is just the idea, just the gift that I want."
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I squatted down and Shaky yipped and jumped at me and I pet him and kissed his small head, then Duke pushed up to me for some suitor, too.

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By the end of her rant Jamie had calmed down considerably and made her way across the reside. She basically whispered the last couple sentences to herself before turning away to look into the fireplace; she couldn't bear to look at Bethany.
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