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The two bystanders watched as Colby pulled her into an embrace. If not for the sake of the circumstances, it would have looked comical; the tall sobbing woman held tenderly by a dame a foot shorter. Still they both only felt relieved that Suzanne had someone with her who cared.

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'I love you Katie,' she said, touching my face with her quiet hand.
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Looking him in the eyes, Colby felt her cheeks blush. She didn’t say anything.

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"No, I'm from London. I am, or was that is, a partner of the homo sapiens that was killed in the blast."
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“It’s your loss,” she taunted him.

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"It's your loss," she taunted him.
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Raeden’s wonder shifted to Kim, his eyes glittering under a brow that was momentarily protruding. He must have eased up on the doctor’s windpipe though, because the fat man began to capture great wheezing breaths.

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Without too much effort, she swung her leg over and beyond and settled down over his face as he eagerly sent his language sliding between and then inside, finally settling on circling, circling, circling...
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Hesitating for only another short stand-in, Sandy leaned forward and kissed Suzanne. At first, it was just a light brushing of their lips. Sandy reached up and subject her within arm’s reach behind Suzanne’s neck. As she did so, she heard her make a little sigh. Sandy couldn’t help the feeling of excitement that ran through her confederation. She tried to control it, not wanting to impel Suzanne too hard. When Suzanne parted her lips, Sandy on the other hand release her mistake run along them.

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Burguns looked at Jim, seeking permission to talk and was met with a silent assent.
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