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“Won’t that focus undue attention on yourselves. I could of dispatch tender forward the suggestion that this is a takeover bid by a Melbourne based branch of the ‘type’.”

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I apothegm my mother mouth the phrase 'Sorry' before turning her head to look directly at me, frowning slightly.
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“How can we procure what she did with it if we don’t be informed where she went or even if she went?”

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"How can we procure what she did with it if we don't be informed where she went or even if she went?"
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“Still nervous?” he couldn’t help but ask.

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Despite the slowly growing ache in her head, Colby couldn't help smiling at Suzanne holding her cat. It was obvious that she loved the cat as much as Tuptim loved her. "It's okay. I can get it. Tuptim needs you now. Is it in your drug cabinet?" she said, looking towards where she guessed the bedroom was.
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“Does she know about this spy?”

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Marc held me in his arms and murmured reassuring words in my attention.
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