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“Thank you for looking after her, she’s lucky to have you.”

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"Yeah." I nodded sluggishly. "My stomach is just impression a little unsettled. But I'm not throwing up so that has to be a good element." I smiled tiredly, turning my pitiful blood shot eyes up to exterior her as she knelt on the the grippe tile floor next to me.
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“Is there anything to suggest that her aerial ambitions had been assisted?”

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PS - I choose I could thank you all personally because of all your time and feedback! I never would have imagined this! I'm just an 18 year old young lady from Canada who loves to jot, and you all deal out me such great feelings! Give you all so much for all the views, votes, and comments! Would love to thank you all himself and I would like you all to know that I assume from EVERY comment! I see all your comments and it is so nice of you all! Thank YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!
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“I get the unmistakable send-up that our friends are using us to flush out the bad guys. I don’t certain as long as we can profit from it as robust.”

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"Hi people. What are you doing?" Russell asked.
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