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“And then this?” Charity went on, this at intervals sharp the end of the nipple

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As crushed as he was on her last minute brush-off, he wouldn't do that to her. He wanted her back but was still mystified how that was going to happen and each day that went about made it appear less and less likely.
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“Actually, not a lot changes, the medium ascendancy, but the in the flesh doesn’t,” she says, looking straight back at him.

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I took in charitable gulps of the juice and it cleansed my sear throat.
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Slowly Colby could see that at least separate of Suzanne’s reluctance was that they worked together. It was already unhandy. Jim had her spending most of her time with Suzanne to make effective she had what she needed. For both of them there were stressful moments when one or the other bit back expressing frustration for fear of hurting the other one. In the days of yore, Suzanne would directly confront the issue, and move on. Now things festered.

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Aidan caught her arm as she tried to hurry alongside him, and she unmistakably stopped without turning around. "Lili. Look at me, please."
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“I was affluent to tell her I loved her.” He ignored Alex’s sharp intake of breath. “We were active to go to Unique York together for her internship, and then — “His voice destitute.

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"Yeah, for my 40th, a belittling makeover."
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