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“Yeah, I can’t stand to see that much aching. It reminds me of Chloe; in some way different, yet still the same,” Gayle said. Her lips pressed together as she watched the car poetic evanish, lost in sad memories.

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I kissed his mouth and his nose, his cheeks and his chin. John groaned softly and turned his mouth to mine representing a deeper kiss.
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“C’mon, let’s go for a walk.” He pulled out a pair of sandals as a replacement for her. “I got these from the hold. You can leave your shoes here.”

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"This needs to be fitted." She glanced at her sentry.
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“And I don’t give anything move in reverse,” Suzanne said to the away railway carriage. “She may be competent for me, but I don’t know how I’m good for her. I’m so messed up, I can’t be.”

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"I, uh, told, uh, Meg, that I'd meet her back here," Helen said.
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“Well there have already been some changes at the top.”

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"Not until tonight." Blaine shook his head and grinned, watching from the corner of his eye as everybody made their way inside.
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