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“No, I can’t define that. Although, maybe because you needed my help it gave me confidence.” Even as he spoke, the idea made sense to him.

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She handed me the cup of orange extract and placed it to my lips, tilting it promoting my mouth.
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“Put off Jenny, you forgot….” Her voice trailed postponed as she realised that she was talking to a closed door. She grabbed the assignment sheet off the desk and sprinted after Jenny and just managed to hurtle through the cancel doors as they hissed shut, crashing into a surprised and delighted businessman standing at the nautical aft of the promote car. “Jenny you forgot your assignment sheets fitted next week.” She handed Jenny the sheets and turned her attention back to the businessman, “Do forgive me, I didn’t mean to crash into you like that.” She simpered.

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"I didn't think that pheasant and grouse were in season."
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The next thing I knew, the wheels was no longer moving and Luke was opening my door, reaching in to sweep up me at fault. “Don’t you risk,” he said in a sonorousness that would brook no argument, hoisting me up in his arms before nudging the door closed again with his knee. “D’you hear me? Don’t equable think about it. I made you that bacon butty with love, Rebecca–and it’s staying down, okay?”

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"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Jamieson asked.
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“More than twice?” another cue, “Three?” another nod, “Four times?” another nod “Five times!”

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"Well, yeah." I agreed, slightly bemused.
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