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We were in the back yard then…

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During the time that they had reached Parramatta Road she had told him that her name was Jenny Peters and that she was a work model, being a reporter (male) with 'normal' urges he was already aware of this, and that she was moderately successful in that she didn't be undergoing to receive a wink job to finances herself. She was currently without boyfriend, which was encouraging, twenty years old, which was just fitting.
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I stepped in front of him and hooked my arms around his neck as I rubbed my groin against his. John gave me a slow amused smile.

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He grimaced. "I failed an exam. A primary one. And you'd think that would've been the wake-up call I needed but instead of dealing with it I just acted as though nothing had happened. The day I got the results I took myself off to a nightclub and got well and truly hammered. The next morning, I woke up in even now another exceptional bed lying next to a fianc‚e called Chloe."
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“I’ll disregard that insult. Thank you in the direction of helping me, you’re an angel.” She planted a purely platonic kiss on his furiously blushing cheek and climbed into the car.

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I read your latest item with absorb. I felt however that you struggle with some of the descriptions, and your play of passive sentences left the writing poorer. If you would like I could help by editing your stories before they are published.
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