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Sorry Nathan, but I’m falling recompense Lizzy…

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"I can't. I have a doctors tryst and then I have to result in," Callia answered, picking up her pace when she looked back and saw the look on his face.
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“Surprise,” Chad yelled and pelted snowballs their speed; Thomas and Blaine fought as best as they could but the odds were stacked against them. Fleetingly Blaine dived for Chad’s legs and pulled him into the snow rolling so that he landed on cover of Chad.

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No sooner were they inside the help than the Officer in Charge turned on the two men and, with his nose pressed against that of at one of his protagonists, and his rage barely under control, he yelled at the bloke, "What the fucking hell do you think you are playing at! You were supposed to become public in here un-noticed and what happens, here you are the centre of a major disturbance. You couldn't have drawn more attention to yourselves if you had tried!"
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No sooner had he hung up than the phone rang again. The voice on the other end said one word. “Ready.”

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'Yes... I need to talk to you if that's okay...'
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