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“To making new friends,” Sandy said.

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"Yes, but... I'm colored."
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“Thank you, sir.” She grinned. “They put me back together really extravagantly, didn’t they?”

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Colette shifted, sitting upright on the pile of pillows, unintentionally giving Wyatt a well-advised view of her body. Wyatt moved to sit at the end of the bed, closing his eyes as he inhaled her fragrance. He took in her beautiful breasts, profound and full with beautiful cherry coloured nipples popping out and in proper shape to be plucked, trim waist that flowed into deviating hips, and the beautiful glimpse of a virgin cunt, smooth swollen and glistening from Colette's pleasure session. Impotent to restrain himself any more, he opened his trousers to deduct his cock to breathe. Colette's sharp intake of breath made him smile.
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Just as Suzanne loved playing with Colby’s much bigger breasts, Colby was fascinated away Suzanne’s boot-lick chest. In comparison, Suzanne’s nipples were much longer and seemed much more sensitive. Holding a breast in her hand, Colby ran a thumb over it and lightly pushed the nipple to the side. It caused a sharp inward gasp of aura by Suzanne. As she pushed it the other way, she heard a long hiss as Suzanne arched her back up.

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"No Sarge, not a utensil."
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“Well…last week, when we had copulation. Were you a virgin?” He asked, embarrassed.

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I stand there, the still flowing blood forming a lake around me. My tears mix with the terrible argument until I can only see shadows.
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“What do you mean what? Why else would I come and interrupt your self imposed exile?”

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"And she understood, didn't she? The impossible choice you had to make," Chloe told Suzanne. She could be wise to persevere the tears starting to well up in her eyes. "She told you to abolish yourself?"
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